My Axim Page


Hardware: Axim x50v

Last OS: Windows Mobile 6

Status: Incredible response and usability. WM6 was made to live on the x50v!

PreviousOS: Windows Mobile 5 Upgrade A01 (was Windows Mobile 2003 Japanese)

Status: Working Great! Real quick response, thanks to the Aximsite hacks.

Freeware Applications:

  • ForceHiresWM5
  • The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP)
  • PHM Registry Editor
  • LetsJapanNo5 (Enables Japanese text)
  • Pocket SharpMT

Current Today Screen Capture:

(to come)

What do I do with my Axim?

I’m not one of those people who carry their pdas around with them all the time, so using it as my main information manager is not practical (although I do keep my calendar and address book on it). My Axim gets most of its use on my morning and evening commute to work, as my music player/news reader. However, recently I’ve been branching out into other uses: creating spreadsheets, mobile blogging, e-mail (thanks to mail2web’s free exchange server), and server management with the built in Terminal Services Client. It’s been a year since I first bought it, and I must admit he’s been underused, poor guy…

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