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iPhoto 09 x iPhone 3G

With over 300 photos accumulating on my iPhone, it was time to off load them to iPhoto. Recently, I’d purchased a new MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard 10.6.3), and although I’d synced to iTunes, it was the first time for iPhoto. However, when I opened iPhoto 09 and then connected my iPhone, nothing happened. Looking into Image Capture, it said I didn’t have a camera connected, however it was sitting there in iTunes perfectly happy.

After much  troubleshooting involving changing settings in iPhoto, trying to edit .plists (non-existant on my system), and other crap suggested on other sites, I finally found the answer. This blog hit the nail on the head, and my problems were solved.

It appears that something in either the iPhone or iPhoto code doesn’t like pictures downloaded to the camera roll. In my camera roll, I had downloaded some photos from the internet and also some photos from emails. After searching for those images and deleting them, my iPhone showed up in iPhoto 09.


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