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Skype is happy now.

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After installing Windows 7 on my Vaio P, I ran into a huge problem. After getting into a video call on Skype, usually a few seconds into the call I’d get a BSOD, and the P would reboot itself. Searching for a solution, I checked the video driver version and realized the stock Win 7 upgrade disks from Sony installed a very old GMA 500 driver: While everything ran fine, including video calls in MS Live Messenger, Skype hated it.

Since my Vaio is a Japanese model, I headed over to the driver download site, and downloaded the new GMA 500 video driver:

VGN-P*1、P*0「Graphics Driver(Intel) Ver. for Windows 7 32bit」アップデートプログラム [Updated 2009/10/22]

I believe there are newer drivers floating around the interwebs, but this version solved my Skype problems. No more crashing.

If you’ve installed the Sony provided Windows 7 upgrade, definitely check your video driver version. If it’s the old one like mine was, upgrading would probably be a good thing.

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