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Vaio P: Windows 7, first thoughts

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After some errands in the morning and afternoon yesterday, I prepared myself for the long Windows 7 installation process. To my surprise, the Windows 7 install was quite fast, seemed a lot faster than an XP install. The Sony driver and software updates did take a long time, but not the 5 hours I was expecting. In the end, the whole installation probably took about 2 hours.

As, I previously wrote, my install is Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (Japanese) Upgrade as part of the Sony Windows 7 upgrade campaign. The package came with everything needed to get my Vaio P up and running with all hardware functioning.

My first impressions are very promising. I’m able to run the software I need to, and everything is running smooth, albeit just a hair slower than XP. I really like the look and feel of the new interface touches, but am having a little trouble getting used to the new task bar. Things like having Live Messenger minimizing to the task bar instead of the tray are strange.

One of the really nice things I’ve noticed is the text seems a lot easier to read on the P’s crazy 1600×768 resolution. On XP, I bumped up the dpi to 125% but it was still difficult to read. With Windows 7, I’m at 100% dpi and have no problem reading most things without straining my eyes.

Lastly, my main concern was with video performance. I’m happy to report that Windows 7 faithfully plays my 720×396 res files fullscreen without hiccups, unlike Vista. Windows Media Player also supports DIVX codecs out of the box, which was a nice surprise.

I think I’ll play around for a little longer, and do a reinstall next week. I’m interested in trying the upgrade with a blank partition, and I’d also like to see which of the Sony Warez I can get rid of without giving up functionality.

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