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Vaio P: Yes, he did!

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

After parting with my Vaio PictureBook, I’ve felt a sort of emptiness that wasn’t satisfied by my vintage 12” Apple PowerBook. The PowerBook is a nice machine, for sure, but Apple just does not ultraportables. As I’ve been traveling around recently, I came to yearn for a ‘puter that I could carry almost everywhere, without taking up much space in my bag, or weighing down my shoulders.

Much to my joy, the ultraportable market has been quite vibrant thanks to the original Asus EEE 701. There are lots of options available today, but I was always drawn towards the PictureBook’s descendent, the Vaio P. Of course, there are less expensive options when it comes to ultraportables or netbooks, but the P pretty much had everything I desired: a perfect form factor – small and thin, with a keyboard that fits my hands perfectly. It absolutely is the next generation of my beloved PictureBook series.

For probably half a year, I had be playing around with Sony’s Vaio configuration tool, and had decided on a model that I felt would meet my needs well. However, with a price north of $1200, it was definitely too much to spend for a “toy.” One fateful day a couple weeks ago, I walked into 100 Man Volt where they have a Sofmap U-Front store for used computers, just to see. They’ve always had used Vaio P’s for sale, and I’ve even considered buying one, however this time was different: they had MY machine. It was practically the exact configuration I wanted, complete with English keyboard! To me it was a sign to buy, so I pulled the trigger.

My PictureBook replacement is a newer Vaio P, VGN-P91S to be exact, with the following online customized specs:

  • Atom Z530 (1.60gHz) Processor
  • 80 Gb 4200 rpm HD
  • 802.11 b/g/n wifi and Bluetooth
  • Champagne gold color
  • English keyboard in Brown

Included parts:

  • VGA/Ethernet adapter
  • Wall plug

While the P is not a high-spec speed demon, it does have better specs than store models. The total MSRP for this puppy would be well over $1100, and for me, I walked out of the store with mine for 57,300 yen + 1500 yen for an Elecom case. Not bad at all.

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