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Decisions, decisions… Vaio W.

Sony Vaio WI definitely have a gadget addiction, I can’t get portable computers out of my head. Last week, I took a trip to our local electronics shop with a nice selection of used computers and saw a sweet Vaio P for sale, the black 1.83 ghz version. Mustering up the strongest willpower I could,  I was able to pass up the $700 steal even with a wad of cold hard cash slated for savings in my pocket. Today, I went back there just to see… and it was gone.

Really, I’ve been contemplating getting a new toy, but have been put off my most everything on the market. Today I played with the Dell Mini 10v and Toshiba NB200 (UX series in Japan), my two most promising choices. Regarding the 10v, I didn’t like the keyboard, although the US keyboard might be a little better. The UX doesn’t have bluetooth, but seems ok in most other respects. As for those 10 inch, 1024×600 screens… frankly I can’t stand them… everything just looks huge!

Enter yesterday’s announcement of Sony’s entry in the netbook market, the Vaio W. I’m sure the keyboard will be acceptable if it’s like the Vaio P’s. It has the newer 1.66 Atom processor, and other standard netbook specs, including bluetooth and the high-res screen. If it’s easy to replace the ram and harddisk, this puppy might be my next toy.

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