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A solution to my iPhone gripes.

December 5, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Source: Engadget

I was relieved to read this morning on Engadget that Apple’s long awaited in-ear buds do work to a great extent with the iPhone. Not only will they sound good (they better for the price), but I’ll be able to control my music on my iPhone without too much fuss (I’ll still probably have to take my gloves off). An additional plus will be not having to mess with the buds falling out… I constantly have to readjust the normal ear buds, which is a big annoyance for me.

Time to save up a little cash, and head to 100 Man Volt.

Edit: Doh! Well, after a few minutes of internet reading… the normal iPhone headphones do have a remote control button for answering and music. That explains why I’d pick up my phone and it’d be playing music after I turned it off, I thought it was broken. Still, they fall out of my ear all the time and just plain suck, they must be replaced.

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