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One more try…

It looks like my attempts to get rid of my old toys are only 1/2-way working. I got an Eee PC. It was cool, portable, did what I bought it for just fine. But for some reason I was not satisfied. I wanted Apple, I wanted portability, I wanted reasonable price. Yet there’s nothing currently on the market that fits 100%. After a few weeks of searching, I finally happened on a very nice specimen of a 12″ Aluminum G4 PowerBook. After looking at it, I decided it needed to be mine. Unlike my first PowerBook, this is the last generation 1.5 Ghz PowerPC, 80 Gb hard drive, SuperDrive, soon to have 1.25 Gb of RAM, and it even came with OS X Tiger.

I am quite happy with this purchase, and have no complaints yet. Sure, when Apple drops G4 support, and software I want to run stops being supported, I’ll be sad… but those days are way down the road. By then, Apple had better come to their senses and produce something really small. Right now I have in my lap the laptop with the smallest footprint ever from Apple.

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