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Two birds with one stone

When my mom went to Hawaii earlier this month, presented her with a Canon EOS XTi (400D). She loves photography and was quite happy with her gift. It left her with a dilemma, however. Since she is staying with her sister, she only has the desktop over there to download photos onto. Since I purchased my DSLR, my Mac mini has been filling up with photos faster than ever, leaving the 80gb hard drive almost completely full.

I decided to take care of these two problems this week. I ordered a 250gb Seagate hard drive and a Rosewill USB hard drive enclosure. They both came earlier in the week from Newegg. Last night I started the project by using SuperDuper! to copy the original data to the new hard drive. Then just a little while ago, I cracked open the mini again and swapped out the hard drive, which took about 30 minutes or so. Since SuperDuper! replicates the hard drive in its entirety, all I had to do was a quick test to make sure everything was working before putting the case back on. Sho ’nuff, everything booted properly.

Now my mini is packing 250 gigabytes plus a 120 gb external firewire drive. And soon my mom will be able to back up her Picasa database to an 80 gb USB drive.

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