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1.83ghz Mac mini + 2gb ram = Holy crap fast boot up.

October 18, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

In September, I purchased my first desktop computer. Up until then I’ve been a laptop person. After reading several articles on Lowendmac.com about the Mac mini, I decided I needed to have one. I’ve been waiting patiently for some to show up on refurb at the Apple store, and they finally started to appear.

The specs aren’t exactly high end compared to most computers now, but it’s small, quiet, and looks cool on my desk. If I wanted to, I could lug it between home and work, so in a way it is portable. It IS the fastest computer I’ve ever purchased though, as I usually try and make the most of my old equipment.

After unpacking it, I connected it up to my LCD monitor, plugged in the keyboard, attached the mouse, and booted it up. With only 512mb of RAM at the time, it was usable but not very responsive. Thankfully, I had ordered a 2Gb memory kit from Crucial.com a couple days prior to arrival. Cracking open the mini is a breeze compared to my PowerBook. Following an online tutorial, I had the RAM installed in no time at all.

With 2 gigs of RAM, boot up was incredibly fast. I like my friend’s comparison of his PowerBook and Intel MacBook Pro workflow. With the PowerBook he would boot, get some coffee, sit down, and ponder his day; with the MacBook he boots, and BOOM! he’s up and running. I’d have to agree, an Intel Mac with 2 gb of RAM is nice and fast!

I think I made a good purchase. My PowerBook is rarely used anymore.

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