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5 liters of frothy goodness

On my trip to Costco the yesterday, I scored! In the beer section, there was this glorious mini-keg of Heineken that was calling my name. For $18 I absolutely had to try it out. Since I do not have the space for a keg fridge, this mini-keg of Heineken was a perfect fit in my small apartment.

Tapping the keg was easy, there are two plastic pieces that fit together on the top, to form the tap, and in a few seconds the perfect pint! As with most kegs, the first glass is all foam, but going forward it’s all good.

After enjoying my first glass, I’m hooked. I don’t know how I will handle bottle/can beer anymore. If you’re into a some imported lager, you definately have to try this one!

5 liters of goodness

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