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Farewell Toshibakun 1998 – 2007

Yesterday, I sold my oldest laptop. It was a Toshiba 3010 purchased back in 1998, when I first started working in Japan. It was my third laptop, and since I was footing the bill by myself, I went all out. At a cost of over $3000, the 3010 was a top of the line subnote sporting a 266mhz Pentium, 64mb ram, and a 4gb hard drive. It weighed in at just over a kilogram, and was super slim because everything (cd, floppy, ports) was external. I loved this laptop; it never let me down. After I returned from Japan, my wife used it for a bit, but most of the time it was either a test machine, or just functioned as a device to download files when I messed  up my other notebooks. I hope he can be put to good use in his new owners hands.


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