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New battery

I’ve mentioned a company called batteryrefill.com previous posts. A couple months ago, I decided to take the plunge and try their services. Basically, this company takes your battery apart, and changes out the power cells, with new ones. I really like the idea of this service because it eliminates waste products, and the cells are replaced by higher capacity cells giving you more battery life.

I first read about batteryrefill.com on a forum for Sony Picturebooks, so when my Dell’s battery up and died, I thought it was a good time to try their service. Since my battery was not listed on their website, I filled out the price quote page, where they ask you the specs on the battery: $85 was the damage. The price seemed reasonable considering the price of a new one from Dell, and I have not had the best of luck with those aftermarket batteries. After you place the order, they e-mail you a pdf document that includes the shipping information. Just print it out and tape it to your package, and drop it in the outgoing mail.

My package was received on March 28th, so based on their website information, I was expecting the battery to arrive mid-April. I was wrong, this is where the waiting game began. Around April 28th, a month after they received my package, I e-mailed them, and was informed my battery had not been worked on yet, and I should contact them in a week, to which I responded by e-mail stating my disappointment. A little over a week passed with no response to my e-mail, so I decided to call. I was surprised to get an actual support person, who was very cordial, and seem to recognize I would not be happy when he looked up my order information. He was able to avert my wrath by immediately going to their technicians to check the status of my battery. Returning a few minutes later to let me know that it was being worked on and I would have it shipped express mail by May 15th at the latest. I didn’t see any point in complaining, so I just let it go with a “thank you.”

To my surprise, my battery just arrived today, a couple days early.

Prying the battery apart is not easy, so there are blemishes left on the case:
Blemishes on the battery

More blemishes

Currently, I am going through the recharge-discharge process. Sometimes computers do not recognize the higher capacity cells, and do not let them charge fully. This process is supposed to fix that problem. I can’t wait to see if the battery lasts longer than previously, as the forums are pointing to mixed results. I’ll be happy if the battery works properly.

As to whether I can continue to recommend batteryrefill.com’s service. I have mixed feelings. My biggest complaint is that they advertise a fast two week turnaround, but in reality customer service is saying 3-4 weeks (or 6 weeks in my case). If you’re in desperate need of a new battery I would recommend against using them. However, if you have a hard to find battery, can stand the [possible] wait, or cannot get a cheaper battery elsewhere, then go for it. They do have decent customer service, and good prices. Personally, I will most likely try them again.

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