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Genius Bar in my livingroom?

Last week, Alec gave me a bottom case for my aged 12″ PowerBook. After some online research, it became apparent that a bottom case replacement is one of the most difficult fixes to do on a PowerBook. On a whim, I headed over to the Apple store to inquire about a professional job. A bottom case replacement done by Apple will cost you $610 + taxes, which is way over the value of my machine.

A little more searching led me to what looked like an official Apple maintenance guide (French site, English guide), which I downloaded. This guide was better than the ifixit guide, and put me a little at ease. At 126 pages, and with the bottom case section almost at the end, I knew I’d be in for a long day. My favorite part of the guide is the bottom replacement section, it basically says: after you have removed every part of the computer, you’re left with the bottom case.

Anyway, yesterday starting at 3pm, I cracked the case open. Everything was very easy, just lots and lots of screws to keep track of. To make things worse, this was a used PowerBook, that someone probably opened before, as it looked like some screws were in the wrong place. My first and only hitch occured when one of the heatsink screws broke off the motherboard, which took me an hour to remove, and was not replaceable. About 10 pm, everything was back together. After a short prayer, I hit the power button, and it booted!

Another hour of usage, and for the most part, everything seemed fine. There was one problem with a popping sound coming from the speakers. A little research, and it appears the problem was caused by switching from the speakers and the headphone jack, and was remedied by plugging in a headphone; no more popping sound now.

My original goal was to use this PowerBook to try out OSX, and that was it. However, this 12″-er has turned out to be a little gem, and I’ll be using it for a while longer, so a couple upgrades may be in order.

Maybe computer repair is my new calling… a Genius Bar in my living room. I think if you can successfully perform surgery on a Mac, you can do anything!

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