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January 23, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wasn’t planning on getting an iPod… I didn’t see the need to get a new mp3 player; my iRiver 256mb player was serving me just fine. However, a friend of mine just happened to have an extra, and gave it to me… for FREE! I now have 4gb of music to tote around on my iPod mini.

The iPod is a great machine. Being that I own a Mac, and there doesn’t seem to be a decent mp3 player besides iTunes for the Mac… I have no problem using iTunes to load up my songs, or play them on my Mac for that matter.

I would like to see a normalizer on the iPod… there’s nothing like having a quite song, than a loud one play right after it. My only other complaint about the iPod is that if I were actually going to buy one… I’d opt for the big harddrive. 9 gigs of J-Pop just won’t fit.

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