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Bye, bye Avantgo!

When I got my pda a couple years ago, I really liked using Avantgo to read the news on my bus ride into work. However, the Avantgo browser never supported VGA screens, so I ended up using the pocket IE plugin. This plugin actually worked much better than the normal application, as it was so much faster, light weight, and worked with my VGA screen. When I switched over to Windows Mobile 5, I was forced to use the normal Avantgo application. The fix to get it to work with my screen was to use an app that forced it to work in VGA. While it worked somewhat, some channels still did not display properly. At around the same time I was using Avantgo, I also found a great free RSS application called pRSSReader, which I really liked using. However, try to find a news source that aggregates full text articles, and you’re pretty much out of luck.

Shortly after I started using pRSSReader, I came across Newsland. Newsland functions like Avantgo, providing news sources with full text, including images. I feel that Newsland is almost the perfect solution for offline reading, because it works with WM5 and VGA, the advertising is not annoying, and it has a simple easy to use interface. The site boasts over 800 catagories, with more coming, however I would like to see more local content. I love reading the BBC news sources, but I really miss getting the Seattle Times and PI. The only other annoyance I have is when I’m listening to music, the music freezes for a split second while I click into some channels.

Since I discovered Newsland, I’ve completely forgotten about Avantgo. If you’re still using Avantgo, I would definately recommend switching over to Newsland. If they continue to grow their channel selection, it’ll be the perfect solution to your offline newsreading needs.

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