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Hard drive upgrade

I’ve opened up my PictureBook enough times that I don’t need to use a guide to take it apart anymore. The thing I forget all the time is that the hard drive ribbon cable connects underneath the motherboard, and is a bit of a pain to get to. After a bit of finessing, out came the 30Gb drive, and in went the 60Gb drive. Once I got the majority of the laptop back together, I did a quick boot into the bios to see if the new drive was being detected properly, and it was. Then I snapped on the final pieces, and proceeded to install windows again.

I can definately notice the performance gain from the 7200 rpm and 8mb cache. However, the difference however is not spectactular by any means; applications just seem to open up a little faster. While my old Travelstar (IBM) was the quietest drive on the market at the time, it made this clicking noise every few minutes caused by the heads parking. This Hitachi drive is extremely quiet. There is hardly any spinning noise, and minimal noise when reading and writting. So far, I haven’t noticed any negatives about this drive. However, I can feel the drive spinning with my hands on the keyboard. It is also running hotter than before, though, not hot enough to keep me from placing it on my bare legs.

With the small performance increase, quietness, and more space, I’m really happy I purchased this model. If anyone is looking for a new hard drive, I would definately recommend the Hitachi Travelstar 7k100 series.

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