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Windows Media Center Project

Last December, I tried to put together a Windows Media Center PC. After a full weekend, several trips to the computer store for parts, and discovering that the processesor was not fast enough to watch live tv, I scrapped the project and purchased a TiVo.

Last week, I found a great deal on a new nVidia graphics card, and since WMC loves nVidia, I decided to have another go at a Media Center PC sans TV recording. Installation was smooth, and the Media Center front end started without a hitch. I did however have a hard time getting WMC to play my divx and xvid files, a phone call to a friend solved that… I uninstalled all the codecs I had previously installed and only installed the xvid codec, after which all my videos played perfectly.

After using the machine for a couple days, I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it. WMC gives an easy front end from which navigating between Music and Video is pretty easy. My complaints so far are: 1) I am not able to fast forward or rewind my videos, this might be a codec issue 2) it prompts me if I want to delete my video after watching 3) it is a little slow sometimes and prone to crashing if it does not like the file. On the plus side, I like how WMC is able to display Japanese file names.

Sometime this week, I am going to have to fix my music folder. When browsing my music, I noticed there was a George Michael – Faith album cover. Media Player was fooled by a Japanese song by Yuna Ito with the same title.

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