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New old laptop

I have several computers at home right now. An old, old Pentium 100 with 24 mb of RAM, which was my very first computer ever. I'll have to get rid of that dust collector. I also have an old Toshiba Portege, which was the first computer I purchased in Japan back in 1998. Until recently it functioned very well as my wireless print server, until the wireless card crapped all over itself (I'll have to fix that). Then there is my wife's old Dell Latitude, and my year old Dell Inspiron 700m.

A few months before I left Japan back in 2001, I purchased, a Sony Picturebook, which is a super small subnote. I had been lusting after that notebook for several years before I finally broke down and bought it. After I purchased my 700m, I planned on selling it, because they still are worth some money, unlike most old computers. In the end, it just sat on a shelf, as I just couldn't part with it.

Lucky I didn't sell it, though. My wife's Dell was giving her some problems. It had a broken power adapter (which was replaced and broke again), then the USB port fried (due to the power adapter), finally it just stopped staying charged. I thought about getting a new computer for her, but finally decided to move her to my 700m, and I would go back to my beloved Picturebook.

A $100 $130 new battery, a reinstall of Windows XP, and I was back in business. Even though the 700m was a whole lot faster, I really like having the portability of a 2.2 pound subnote, that can almost fit in my coat pocket (well, sort of). I'll probably continue using my Picturebook until it breaks, it's the one computer I've owned that I've never regretted buying, even after depretiation over 5 years.

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