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I have tried several RSS readers in the past. The first aggregator recommended to me was SharpReader, which worked just fine. Then I tried the open source RSSOwl, which I liked a lot. After switching back to my old Vaio Picturebook, I tried loading these two RSS aggregators, as they were the only ones I'd used in the past. First I tried SharpReader, after the .NET 1.1 install, it worked, although it took about 2 minutes to load up. Then I tried to install RSSOwl, and gave up after I decided I didn't want to install over 130mb of Java runtime files. After a bit of searching I found GreatNews, which is in version 1.0 beta right now, and is free (currently). So far, it's my favorite RSS aggregator, because it's easy to use (no installation required, just run the executable) and it opens up fast on my Picturebook. Since I just started using it last night, I'll need to learn more about the features, but I don't think I'll be using anything else for RSS. The thing that I'd really like to do, but might not, it get rid of some of the tool bars. It wouldn't be a problem normally, but when you have only 8.9" of screen space, it's nice to get as much readable desktop area as possible.

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