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A lot of mobile devices are coming onto the market that have external keyboards. Although I have never had the pleasure of using one of these devices, it would seem that text input using an external keyboard would be a lot easier than most current input methods on mobile devices.

If you’re running a Windows Mobile device that does not have a keyboard, there is a great option for you: Happy Tapping Keyboard created by Kotetu-san. HTK is a SIP that was designed with buttons large enough to use as an onscreen keyboard, making thumb typing possible for those of us with smaller thumbs. HTK was designed for use with Japanese WM 2003 or PPC 2002 however, use on other language versions is also possible. On these versions the “IME” key does not function; this key enables switching between direct and kana input on Japanese devices.

HTK has some cool features such as skinning, and VGA support. Skins are saved as bmp files, and are selectable from the options tab. Different skins can be used for both portrait and landscape modes. If you are using a VGA enabled device such as the Axim x50v running in true VGA mode, any other SIP will be too small to use. HTK keeps its large size, enabling easy text input in true VGA mode.

The information page for HTK is only in Japanese, but can be accessed here. As you can read, the top link is for the WM2003/SE version and the bottom is PPC2002. Click on the appropriate link, and download the newest version for your device.

One thing worth mentioning is that the files are compressed in LZH format. You’ll need an program such as 7zip, with LZH support to uncompress these files. Once extracted, just copy the folder over to your device and run the CAB installation. A few skins can be found here.

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