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February 28, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kaiten-zushi or mawaru sushi (as they say in Ishikawa) is a sushi shop with a conveyor belt that circles around the restaurant carrying various types of sushi to all its customers. The big draw of kaiten-zushi is the price; you always know what you’re paying, because the prices are set per plate which are specially designed so that you know the cost of each one. Seattle’s Blue C Sushi is one of these kaiten-zushi restaurants, and is quite popular. Sunday we had lunch at the newly opened University Village location.

After living in Japan for a while, I’ve never really been satsified with any of the usual sushi bars here in Seattle. However, I was quite impressed with Blue C Sushi. Fresh fish, small sized tasty shari (the rice, Blue C uses Nishiki brand), and a hip atmosphere produced a completely enjoyable experience. The Unagi nigiri and California roll were quite good. My wife enjoyed the egg nigiri (it is said the quality of the sushi restaurant can be judged by how good the egg nigiri is). I was disappointed with the spider roll however, cold soft shell crab is not good eats. Spider rolls must be enjoyed warm and crispy.

Blue C’s theme is the Japanese train system. Plates are designed with different colors representing various subway lines, with prices differing according to the color of the plate. Most of the seating is “bar” style, customary of kaiten-zushi places, however there are several booths able to hold up to 4 people, whoever sits on the inside gets to serve everyone sushi. With dim lighting and the techno-esque music louder than most restaurants, it was a bit like being in a dance club, which was fun.

Everything considered, I understand why Blue C Sushi is so popular. The freshness of the ingredients, taste, and atmosphere are top notch, and I’m looking forward to eating there again soon.

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