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February 17, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

A lot of the problems people were having with Windows Mobile 5 were due to activesync automatically trying to sync even when not connected to a computer. The work around was to set up a fake exchange server connection, allowing you to set the sync schedule to manual, and forcing activesync to behave. Now, there is a better solution.

The other day on aximsite, I was reading a post about mail2web.com offering a FREE Exchange Server account! Immediately, I signed up for an account, and am now syncing with a real Exchange server over wi-fi and when connected to my laptop. I have to say it’s a completely different experience, especially when dealing with e-mail. It’s so nice to not have e-mails disappear from my inbox when my axim syncs overnight.

Set up was a breeze, you just have to make sure to log into the mail2web control pannel and it gives you all the information you need to set up activesync. On a side note, getting your settings in the control pannel is important, because your accont name may be different than what you think it is, some people have numbers appended to their account names. Once you have your settings in, all you have to do is turn on your wi-fi or connect to your computer, turn on activesync and sync. With mail2web LIVE I am able to sync my contacts, e-mail, and calendar wherever there is a wireless access point.

Using mail2web LIVE online is a breeze, the interface basically looks like Outlook, with a banner advertisement across the top. From the online interface, you can send e-mail, manage your contacts and calendar, and adjust your Outlook settings. Most people will be put off by the banner ad, but if you feel like paying a monthly fee, the ad will be removed.

After a day of use, I’m completely happy. No problems whatsoever, and I finally have a usable e-mail solution. It also has the Japanese support I need, in addition to support for 25 other languages. I whole heartedly recommend this FREE service, and think that you will find that it brings a new dimension to your windows mobile based pda.

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