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AkamaruSeveral years ago on my first trip to Fukuoka, a friend of mine took me to Ippudo. Luckily the line was a short 20 minutes. Once inside I was lucky enough to try my first tonkotsu (soup made from pork bones) ramen in one of the best ramen shops in Japan. I was suprised to find out that Ippudo just opened in Kanazawa, and had to try it out!

Walking down one of the side streets in Tatemachi, we immeditately saw the Ippudo sign, and luckily there was no line. The atmosphere inside reminded me of the shop in Hakata, with jazz playing in the background. There were more seats however, and it was more spacious; all in all the shop had a very comfortable atmosphere.

The Akamaru ramen was tasty, but did not have as much fat as I remembered. The one thing I was disappointed about was the chashu pork, which was smoked a bit too long, and the flavor just overpowered everything else. Chashu aside, it was very good and I felt I got my money’s worth (~$9).

Good ramen is one of the things I miss when I’m home. When I go to Japan, I try to eat ramen as much as I can. However, because it’s not the healthiest thing to eat, I need to start limiting myself.

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