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January 12, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

My Axim was working great for a few days, so I decided to test the waters by using my 4gb microdrive. He didn’t like it very much, and a hard reset might be in order. After inserting the microdrive, I began to experience the auto processor speed issue (it gets stuck at 624 mHz), and when I came home the back was very hot. Also, performance was sluggish, as TCMP would pause in the middle of songs. I switched to WMP which worked a little better. I did not experience the SD/CF cards dissappearing which was promising. Next, I’ll have to test some registry hacks to try and fix this issue. If all else fails I’ll hard reboot when I get some time to re-install everything, and I’ll have to stay away from the microdrive. Life without an additional 4 gigs in my pocket will suck.

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