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Windows Mobile 5.0 working great!

Well I’ve been running WM 5 for several days now, and I’m happy to report there have been no issues at all! Everything is working so well that I haven’t even considered returning to WM 2003. Outside of the soft reboots needed for a few regisitry hacks, I’ve only had to reboot my Axim once.

Although I’m not exactly sure why the upgrade is working now and not before, I’m speculating that it has to do with a second hard reset I was prompted to do (I don’t recall doing a second hard reset the first time around). I installed, and was prompted for a hard reset. I reset keeping the Axim attached to the cradle, and when it booted up the install program wrote to the ROM a second time, and I was prompted to do a second hard reset. After resetting again, I pulled it off the cradle and started playing with it, and everything was fine after that.

Previously, I must have only done a half install, thus experiencing a whole lot of problems. If any other X50v users are experiencing major problems with their WM5 installs, I would recommend rolling back to WM2003, and reinstalling WM5 from scratch, following Solsie’s install instructions on Aximsite.

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