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Glutton for punishment

Once again I’ve upgraded my Axim to WM5. What should have been a quick process took my whole night, because I was running Japanese WM 2003, and the WM5 upgrade didn’t like that. So after playing with my hex editor and hacking the exe files, I “upgraded” to WM2003 english, then installed WM5. Funny thing, during the WM5 upgrade process I was prompted to do two hard resets. I only remember doing one when I upgraded the first time. Since my Axim seems to be working better, and I’m not getting some of the problems I had before, I’m very hopeful this upgrade will be usable.

After applying some hacks, and running with minimal installs, everything appears to be working fine (knock on wood). Thanks to Alec, I’m just using a 1gb SD card with some music loaded. Also installed, is an RSS reader to keep me occupied on my bus ride to and from work.

Man, I hope this upgrade works… I really don’t want to have to go back to WM2003; I paid $50 for this software!

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