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WM2003 Happiness

November 13, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Originally uploaded by sonkun.

Saturday afternoon was spent reverting back to WM2003. However, after a little research, I found out how to install the Japanese ROM. It is a prerequisite that my electronics be able to work in Japanese (at least display text), so getting my Axim to work natively in Japanese is awesome. I was able to get a work around for the English version to work, but there was never a decent SIP. Now, being able to write kanji directly onscreen is a godsend. I can’t have everything though, it appears Japanese Windows Mobile does not have Terminal Services Client. Although I only used it a little bit, it was super cool to be able to terminal service into my file server.

One funny thing on the today screen, it says 「仕事ã?¯ã?‚ã‚Šã?¾ã?›ã‚“ã€? (shigoto ha arimasen) which can mean “no tasks” I guess, but my wife looked at it and laughed, because she saw it as “No job”. Hmm, I hope this thing doesn’t predict the future 😉

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