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Windows Mobile 2005 troubles

November 4, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier this week I received the new Windows Mobile 5 upgrade CD for my Axim x50v. After installing it yesterday, and using it for only a day, I must say I’m truly disappointed. At this point I wish I had not ordered the upgrade so soon, as this upgrade is something that should probably have not been shipped.

After using WM5 for a day, I have had to soft reboot the machine about 4 or 5 times. After it goes to sleep a few times, it just locks up and won’t turn on. This really, really sucks, as I rarely had to soft reboot with 2003SE. The constant need to reboot is a huge issue for a pda, when you’re used to turning it on and using it instantaneously.

The second issue is the battery life. At first, I thought I might be getting more battery life, but after using it for a day, playing music, surfing the net, I don’t think there are any improvements here. This was surprising, because I have heard different things. One reviewer says he’s getting 6 hours (on the x51v):

I’m happy to be able to report that this will take you a long time. With regular use, this handheld went for just over six hours on a single charge, which is about double the battery life of the X50v.  

My x50v is not getting nearly this amount, as are people on other forums. I listed to music (screen off, fully charged) on the bus this morning and evening, about 40 minutes total, and didn’t really turn my Axim on at work. When I came home my battery was at 50%, I got another 20 minutes surfing the net, before WM5 turned of my wi-fi stating there was not enough power. The Axim did not have a great battery life to begin with, but I was expecting better performance here. Maybe all the reboots today drained the power.

Finally, Activesync 4.0 pissed me off (it’s the only way to upgrade). It was the first time I’ve ever rolled back my system to get rid of software. I was using 3.8 before which worked great. The thing that I hate about it is that you are forced to have MS Outlook as your default mail client. This was not the case in 3.8. I only use Outlook for work, and on my personal laptop, although I have Outlook installed for work, I like to use Thunderbird as my mail client. Error after error, when I’d plug in my Axim sucked. When I uninstalled 4.0 and reinstalled 3.8, 3.8 would not run.

I think the most disappointing aspect for me, is that I really love WM5. As far as the improvements MS has made to the applications, interface, and especially persistent storage, the OS is great! Unfortunately, as much as I would like to keep it, I’m seriously thinking of rolling back to 2003SE. Dell seriously pushed this product out way too early. If software is not functioning properly on brand new systems, it should not have been shipped.

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