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February 21, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I spent my Sunday fixing my Axim, it has been the 4th or 5th hard-reset since receiving it in January (I’m sure there will be many more to come). After experimenting a lot, I think I’ve finally found a setup that I am happy with, preserving RAM, and utilizing the ROM for storage. I’ve also figured out a way to bypass Outlook in order to sync my address book and calendar.

Programs in RAM:
TranCreative Magic Button – nice taskmanager app
Pumatech Intellisync FSS – for syncing my address book/calendar
KOTETU comPOBox – SIP for Japanese language input

Programs in ROM:
Xzeos Software XnView Pocket – image viewer
Microsoft Reader
TascalSoft TRE – registry editor

I’m trying to install all applications onto the ROM from now on, however some don’t like being there. For example, MS Reader installed fine, but the shortcut was pointing to the RAM, I had to delete the shortcut and add a new one pointing to the ROM.

Figuring out a way to bypass Outlook for syncing my address book and calendar was my main goal, and was accomplished by using a little gem of an app called Intellisync for Yahoo! which is a free download if you use Yahoo! mail. Intellisync will sync your Yahoo! address book, calendar, todo list, and one more (can’t remember). So I keep my main addressbook and calendar on Yahoo! now. The application works in conjunction with MS Activesync, and the only trouble I’ve had so far is when I first tried it out, and edited some calendar setting that somehow would cause Intellisync to crash when syncing the calendar (address book worked fine).

So the better half of a beautiful sunny Sunday was spent fixing up my PDA. It worked out well because, I could hardly move after playing golf on Saturday…

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