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Gold Mountain

February 19, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today I my first round of golf in 6 months. We played the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain in Bremerton (Washington). $33 green fees, apparently makes this the best “bang for your buck” course in all of Washington, no wonder it was so crowded. After playing it, I must say, this course was absolutely spectacular!

We walked the hilly 18 holes, and I’m feeling the pain right now. The course was beautiful though, wide fairways with forest lining them, huge sandtraps that made shot decisions more difficult, and well kept greens. Playing it from the whites, I probably could have left most of my clubs home, as I never touched my 3, 4, 6, and 9 irons. 5, 8, and pitching wedge, were only used a couple times each, which is unusual for me… my irons are my mainstay.

For not playing for so long, my game was pretty good (for my level). Putting was my weakness the whole day, I two and three putted every single whole, shooting a 105 (2 fairways, 3 greens in reg, 8 2-putts, 8 3-putts, 1 par). My highlight was my second longest drive ever, at 315 yards.

After playing here for the first time, it is definitely a course on which I can break 100, easily. But first I’d better hit the practice putting greens.

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